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Advancing Racial Justice & Equity

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Throughout 2020, national protests and awareness-building around systemic injustice caused universities to more deeply consider the impact of long-held institutional barriers and practices on marginalized populations on campus and in their urban communities. USU's Advancing Racial Justice and Equity (ARJE) focus area is designed as a multi-pronged, multi-year series of engagements aimed at increasing university capacity to confront systemic inequities while building more equitable spaces for historically marginalized students, staff, faculty, and communities to thrive.



USU will engage members through:

  1. Intensive and Pitch Competition Series — A multi-day, condensed capacity-building, idea-sharing, and skill-building convening meant to spur innovation and action around issues of racial justice and equity in the university-city ecosystem. Learn more about the February 2022 Intensive and Pitch Competition.

  2. Summits and Convenings — Targeted meetings where leaders can discuss critical challenges and collaborate to come up with strategies/approaches concerning racial justice & equity in higher education.

  3. Externally Funded Projects — Projects focusing on a particular intervention, lens, or approach to mitigate challenges affecting urban universities, minoritized student populations, diverse faculty, and staff, etc.

​See below for our ongoing work:

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Advisory Groups: To support the Intensive and Pitch Competition Series, USU has convened an advisory group for each of the three priority areas. These groups are tasked with developing the theme for the intensive, the evaluation criteria for pitch projects, and the design of the Intensive.

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