USU members are public urban research universities that are located in metropolitan areas with populations of 450,000 or greater. They enroll 10 or more doctoral students per year, conduct at least 10 million dollars of research, and demonstrate a commitment to their urban areas.

  1. California State University, Fresno

  2. California State University, Los Angeles

  3. California State University, Northridge

  4. Cleveland State University

  5. Florida International University

  6. Georgia State University

  7. Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

  8. Morgan State University

  9. Oklahoma State University, Tulsa

  10. Portland State University

  11. Rutgers University - Newark

  12. San Jose State University

  13. SUNY Downstate Health & Sciences University

  14. Temple University

  15. The Ohio State University

  16. The University of Akron

  17. University at Albany, SUNY

  18. University of Alabama, Birmingham

  19. University of California, Riverside

  20. University of Central Florida

  21. University of Cincinnati

  22. University of Colorado, Denver

  23. University of Houston

  24. University of Illinois at Chicago

  25. University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  26. University of Massachusetts Boston

  27. University of Memphis

  28. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  29. University of New Mexico

  30. University of New Orleans

  31. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  32. University of North Texas

  33. University of Texas at Arlington

  34. University of Texas at El Paso

  35. University of Texas at San Antonio

  36. University  of Toledo

  37. University of Washington, Tacoma

  38. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  39. Virginia Commonwealth University

  40. Wayne State University

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