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Collaborative Opportunity Grant

The Collaborative Opportunity Grant, funded by the Kresge Foundation, fosters community partnerships to improve access for underrepresented students. Projects identify and scale new university-city partnership models that alleviate the non-academic costs that often serve as barriers. This initiative is led by USU Deputy Executive Director, Christel Perkins, and Assistant Director, Melissa Rivas.

The Collaborative Opportunity Grant Program started in 2017 and has since helped more than ten universities tackle overlooked barriers to student success. The program works to advance student success, degree completion, and community transformation with five institutions ( the University of Washington-Tacoma, the University at Albany, and the University of Toledo, the University of New Orleans, and Morgan State University). The participating Institutions are awarded $50,000 grants to undertake a variety of nascent reforms touching virtually every aspect of the student experience to establish the environment necessary for students to thrive.

All Collaborative Opportunity Grants projects must align with at least one of five priority investment areas: strengthening the K‐16 pipeline; rethinking financial aid; engaging faculty; partnering with employers and workforce organizations, and leveraging community assets.


sponsors since 2017

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