Mark Mone, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Chair


Through our collective work and dynamic thought leadership, we aim to drive a cultural and conversational shift that (1) reaffirms the value proposition of universities in the future of work through the democratization of access to higher education and (2) prepares learners to successfully navigate their careers through yet unknown technological, economic, and social change.


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COG Convening 1: Disrupting Structures for 21st Century Skills

Convening 1 for the Collaborative Opportunity Grant (COG) Seeding Innovation to Deliver 21st Century Skills centered around Cohort 1, Disrupting Structures for 21st Century Skills. In this cohort are Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), who are exploring innovations that blur the operational lines across academic, career,  student services, and the community. Both institutions have directly engaged with community partners to disrupt functional and/or organizational structures to enable greater 21st Century skill development/acquisition and career placement for low-income, FTIC, and transfer students. Take a look inside convening 1.