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Student Experience Project


The Student Experience Project works with partner organizations to identify, design, and scale evidence-based practices that increase degree attainment by transforming the college student experience and creating equitable learning environments. Funded by the Raikes Foundation, USU is working with SEP partner universities and the broader network to build leadership, support campus change, and drive the adoption of evidence-based practices that create equitable learning environments and increase degree completion in higher education. The initiative is led by USU Director of SEP Partnerships, Dr. Jennifer Danek, and Assistant Director, Samantha Levine

Over a decade of research demonstrates that experiencing belonging, receiving academic support, and perceiving others to believe in your potential can increase a student’s likelihood of persisting through academic challenges toward graduation. These affirming experiences are vital for students with food or housing insecurity, students of color, and first-generation college students, who are more likely to experience college’s social and academic challenges, reinforcing the perception that they do not “belong” in higher education. The SEP draws on this research to develop practical approaches that campuses can use to bolster student engagement, increase equity in academic outcomes, and support student success.

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