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A Free Web Chatbot to Keep Students Informed on Covid 19

Managing the pandemic requires providing accurate, up-to-date information that can be communicated in real time.  And the ability to ask questions in multiple languages through a live chat to an evolving knowledge base is an even stronger response.

AdmitHub is providing a free web chatbot to universities to help them answer student questions in real time, that can do all the above and more. This free tool allows universities to:

  1. Reduce FAQ overload by having an AI-powered bot instantly answer common questions

  2. Update information once in a single place, as we know it changes daily,

  3. Use pre-built campaigns with information from the CDC, WHO and more

  4. Access to existing scripts that promote health and wellness

Examples of the information it can provide, include:

  1. How to protect yourself

  2. What to do if you think you’re sick

  3. Travel risks

  4. Best practices for self-quarantining and social distancing

  5. Mental health and coping with COVID-19

  6. What is and isn’t true about the coronavirus

  7. What your school is doing to keep everyone safe

You can get more information here.

To access the chatbot, you will need to register with AdmitHub to access, which you can do here.

big silver robot toy on the phone standing on an old wooden floor t

Istock Photo Credits

  1. Student with Bot: B4LLS

  2. Bot on phone: Charles Taylor


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