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Campus Communications During Covid 19: Examples by Category (DRAFT PAGE)

Below we have aggregated and organized campus communications to provide examples other universities can use. 

NOTE:   This is a draft for review.

USU Covid 19 Communications Page

Campus Operations


Campus Communication about Covid 19

  1. FIU: Communications regarding coronavirus (COVID19): Only hard copy available. Email Shari for an electronic copy.

  2. FIU Video: President discusses FIU Strong, launched to help support the university, local community

  3. FIU Survey: How are we doing as communicators.

Covid 19 Cases in the University Community

  1. CSU, LA: Message Regarding Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Cal State LA Community

  2. FIU: Self-Quarantine Protocols Hard copy only. Please email Shari for an electronic

  3. CU Denver: Positive Case of COVID-19 at CU Denver

Employees and Staff

Hiring Suspensions and Slowdowns

Paid Leave

Non-closure emergency leave

Refunds and Reductions


  1. FIU: Managing and Reporting Time. Hard copy only. Please email Shari for an electronic copy.

  2. GSU: Update on online instruction, teleworking, campus services/operations, student employees.

  3. UTSA: Transitioning to a primarily remote telecommuting workforce.

Faculty Evaluation

Tenure Clock Stoppage

  1. FIU: Tenue Clock Adjustment. Hard copy only. Please email Shari for an electronic copy.

  2. GSU: Information on Tenure Clock Stoppage and Copyright Issues.

  3. CU Denver: Tenure-Clock Stoppage

Grading and Teaching Remotely


Final Exams

Pass/Fail Options

Proctoring Solutions

  1. FIU: Memo on Proctoring Solutions, and follow up memo on Honorlock Proctoring Solution for Spring. Hard copy only, please email Shari for an electronic copy.

Security on-line

  1. FIU video: Cybersecurity during a pandemic.

Summer Instruction

Mental Health

Research Operations


Copyright Issues

Operational Guidance

Sports Cancellations

  1. UTSA: Conference USA has canceled all spring sport practices, competitions and championships. UTSA Athletics has also suspended all athletic-related team activities until further notice.

Student Employees

Student Refunds

Student Resources

Travel Restrictions

Vulnerable Populations

Messages to Employees

Access to Emergency Assistance

Off Campus Internet Access

Discrimination and Harrassment

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