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Covid 19 Issues for the University Enterprise: Crowdsourcing the List

Help us Build the Covid 19 Challenges List!

Given the speed of change of the Covid 19 pandemic, university leadership, faculty, staff and students have asked for a working list of the range of issues they have to handle.  Below is what we have collected so far with resource links as we find them.  We will continue to update the list through the crisis, so return regularly as you can.

We invite you to help us build this list.  Add additional topics or resources (or suggestion revisions or identified) in the blog comment section. We will add them to the main list, and just keep going.


  1. Emergency Aid Distribution

  2. Resource: Beyond the Food Pantry: Maximizing the CARES Emergency Aid Fund for Students

  3. Uses of Part II


  1. Across campus

  2. Across the community

  3. Confidence building measures


  1. Teleworking

  2.  Paid Sick Leave


  1. Access

  2. Impacts

  3. Data analysis by groups

  4. Covid Impacts


Transitioning Faculty to Remote, then On-Line Learning

  1. Peer to Peer Training

  2. Academic Continuity Committee

  3. Targeting smartphones and asynchronous instruction for access

Teaching Evaluation

  1.  If required, allow faculty to choose not to include the remote evaluation in their file.

Tenure Review

  1. Tenure review clocks

  2. Conference papers accepted but not presented (due to cancellations)

Financial Challenges

  1. Refunds (tuition, fees)

  2. Unexpected costs (e.g. on-line exam proctoring)

  3. Keeping employees and student employees financially whole

  4. Tracking Covid related costs separately from the regular budget items

  5. Tuition and fees for the summer and fall terms

  6. State budgets

Governance (rapid decision making in a complex ecosystem)

  1. Faculty Senate

  2. State

  3. System

  4. Accreditors

  5. Academic Continuity Teams

Partnering to Support Public Health and the Community

  1. Staffing labs (e.g. using graduate students)

  2. Working with Health Departments

  3. Supporting Testing

  4. 3-D printing and manufacturing personal protective equipment

  5. Supporting small business and local workers

Repopulating Campus (Fall Semester)

  1. When and How

  2. Testing (temperature, Covid 19, antibodies) and testing capacities

  3. Tracking

  4. Social Distancing Protocols (classrooms, dining halls, labs, dorms, etc..)

  5. Facilities (cleaning schedule, hand sanitizer availability)

  6. Masks

  7. Confidence building measures and communications


  1. Faculty research interruption

  2. Student research interruption

  3. Funding access and flexibility

  4. Lab maintenance


Access to Wifi, Data and Devices for on-line learning

  1. Buying hotspots, tablets and computers to provide as loaners

  2. Keeping access points like data labs open.

  3. Wifi and data providers offering resources to support students, familie and communities

  4. Comcast/Infinity

  5. AT&T

  6. T-Mobile

Basic Needs

  1. Students who can’t go home, lose their jobs or face food insecurity

  2. Emergency Aid

  3. Resources:

  4. Report: Covid-19 Response for Students who are Homeless or on Foster Care from the Hope Center at Temple University

  5. Webinar:


Data and Equity impacts

  1. Monitoring impacts, sub-dividing data to understand how different populations are being impacted

Grading and Assessment

  1. Pass/Fail Decisions

  2. Proctoring

  3. Grade options

Libraries and access to materials

  1. Libraries closing (but some computer labs open to provide access).

  2. Expanding e-resources (e-chat, library tools, working with providers to expand e-journal resources for a period of time).

Mental Health

New Student Enrollment

  1. Virtual Tours

  2. Test Optional and impact of delayed ACT/SAT

  3. Summer programs, orientation and admit days

Supporting students  on-line

  1. Advising

  2. Student services

  3. Mentoring

What else?  Add it in the comments, and we will update this regularly.

Istock photo credit: romolotavani


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