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Success for Adult Learners at University: An On-Line Toolkit

As part of

Collaborating for Change, we are releasing a series of resources to advance student success. One of the most under-recognized and growing segments of the student population is the Adult learner. Whether they transfer from two schools, return after a hiatus, or start later, understanding who they are and what they need challenges many universities.

Portland State University and the University of Akron, two Collaborating for Change Institutions with large adult learner populations, worked together to develop an on-line tool kit to document and share what they have learned along the way.  The provide recommendations and resources  to evaluate and manage adult learners programs (e.g. a project management guide), to assess and track these students (e.g. degree maps)  and resources on how to build partnerships and communities across campus and with vendors.

As a teaser, we are sharing one recommendation from each area examined. Check out the toolkit the on-line toolkit here to see the rest. You can also access a downloadable summary here.

Evaluation & Program Management Recommendation

  1. Assess institutional capacity to disrupt accepted practices that support adult student needs

Assessment & Tracking Management Recommendation

  1. Help adult students plan and track their own progress towards degree completion and skills mastery with tools that make information easily accessible and understandable.

Community-building and Partnership Recommendation

  1. Include assessment of relevant vendors and community partners in early planning stages

Any insights to share?


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