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Universities Strategies to Support Students’ Mental Health Amid the Pandemic

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has overturned many lives in just a few months. A rise in mental health issues has occurred for thousands of people across the United States. College students are among those suffering.

So, what are universities doing to help students manage these added stresses? In addition to holding virtual commencement ceremonies, many universities are offering a variety of ways for students to receive virtual counseling.

The majority of universities across the nation are introducing individual mental health consultations by phone and video conferences. This gives students the opportunity to talk to a counselor with safely, confidentially, and free of cost.

The Ohio State University’s Office of Student Life is one example of an institution taking the next step to connect with these students. In addition to virtual counseling appointments, the university’s Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) office provides a plethora of different platforms for students and faculty to use in regards to dealing with mental health. The CCS offers confidential chat rooms, video series on how to cope with current issues, creativity workshops to express emotions, and open emotional fitness blogs.

Another way universities are helping those facing mental health issues, is by using their own resources- their students. Morgan State University’s School of Social Work has partnered with the Maryland Health Department to support Baltimore City by serving behavioral health needs.

While the rise in mental health struggles is challenging, there are resources that can help. In addition to the resources identified in an earlier post, we will add Active Minds, to the list. Active Minds is an organization that supports mental health awareness and education, has partnered with over 500 universities both nation-wide and internationally.


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