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Resources to Help Meet Students’ Basic Needs During the Covid 19 Pandemic

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many students do not have access to safe housing or any housing at all, face job and/or income losses as the economy slows, and struggle to access basic needs – all of which may get harder as time progresses.

Here are resources from the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice at Temple University on how to access basic needs and other supports for students and their families during this complex and challenging time.

This webinar details the support students will need to remain enrolled and how to best provide them.  It addresses four questions:

  1. If we close the dining halls, where will students eat?

  2. If we cancel on campus employment, how will students make ends meet?

  3. If we send students home, where will students without homes go?

  4. If we move classes on line, how will students without internet and computers engage?

In addition to the webinar, the Hope Center has developed four brief reports on helping vulnerable students during Covid 19.

iStock Photo Credits:  Featured Image: Motortion


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