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Racial Justice & Equity Scholars

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Winners of the Advancing Racial Justice and Equity Pitch Competition are named USU Racial Justice and Equity Scholars. To date, Scholars include:

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  • Title – “Community Engagement with a COVID-19 Health Literacy Collection and Curriculum”

  • Scholars 

    • Gabriela Wilson, PhD

    • Denise Hernandez, PhD, MPH

    • Peggy Semingson, PhD

    • Chyng-Yang Jang, PhD

  • Title – “Supporting Minoritized Faculty and Staff to Thrive”

  • Scholars –

    • Carlos Crespo, PhD

    • Lindsay Romasanta, EdD

  • Title - “Rockets Matter”

  • Scholars 

    • Sammy Spann, PhD

    • Alieah Jones, MA

    • Jewel Mundoe

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