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Urban Adult Learner Institute

In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, urban adult learners play a vital role. Adult learners, often balancing work, family responsibilities, and financial constraints, possess a wealth of assets, face specific challenges, and require tailored support to succeed. It is our shared responsibility as educational leaders to ensure equitable access, persistence, and completion rates for adult learners, one of the fastest-growing student populations.

Through the generous support of the Lumina Foundation with the Partnerships for Adult Learner Success grant, APLU/USU are excited to present the Urban Adult Learner Institute (UALI, pronounced "you-all-ee") which aims to build awareness, disseminate best practices, and gather national momentum in support of this critical learner population.

We invite you and your colleagues to join us on this transformative journey. By participating in UALI, you will gain access to a network of like-minded leaders, resources, and opportunities for collaboration. Together, we can create a collective voice for change and pave the way for improved outcomes for urban adult learners across the country.

Explore this site to learn more about our the framework of UALI through the components of the Adult Learner Advocate badge and sign up here to register for UALI and begin learning alongside college and universities leaders around the country.


Adult Graduation

Engage leaders in building foundational knowledge about urban adult learner

We recognize the value and potential of urban adult learners and aim to raise awareness among institutional leaders about the unique assets and contributions these learners bring to our campuses. By understanding their diverse backgrounds and experiences, we can create inclusive environments that foster their personal and academic growth.

Colorful Books

Disseminate promising frameworks, models, and practices

UALI seeks to be a hub for emerging practices concerning urban adult learners. Our aim is to disseminate promising frameworks, models, and practices that support urban adult learners throughout their educational journey, from access to program completion. Through this initiative, we will facilitate the sharing of successful strategies, innovative program designs, and effective student support systems.


Build national momentum for sustainable and scalable transformation

UALI strives to create a national movement that drives institutional transformation. We believe that, collectively, we can foster change within our respective institutions, ensuring that urban adult learners receive the support they need to thrive academically and achieve their goals.

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