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Who is UALI for?

Anyone who is eager to learn more about the urban adult learner experience in the United States! Most of the sessions will be geared toward building a foundational understanding of the adult learner experience at urban colleges and universities. We see it as a professional development opportunity for university professionals.


What does it cost to participate?

Signing up for UALI is free! We want to make the Institute as accessible as possible for participants. While there are no costs to sign up, UALI does not cover the costs of conferences we may attend to present. If you happen to be attending the conferences we are hosting sessions, this is just a way for you to earn more components toward your Urban Adult Learner Advocate badge!


Who operates UALI?

UALI is made possible through the Partnerships for Adult Learner Success (PALS) grant, an investment from the Lumina Foundation. PALS is led by the Coalition for Urban Serving Universities (USU) at the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU).


What happens if I register for UALI and do not complete all four components?

While we would love to have everyone who registers earn the Urban Adult Learner Advocate badge, we understand that this just might be possible. If you register and change your mind, simply email to let us know you would like to be removed from our mailing list.

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