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Preparing the Class of 2020 for the New Workforce

As students prepare to walk across makeshift stages in their homes for virtual graduation ceremonies, the COVID-19 crisis has interrupted the workforce space they are walking into. With employers rescinding job offers across the country, many graduates will be forced to pivot from their original after-college career plans.

The uncertainty graduates face as they near the end of their post-secondary journey is to be expected. However, the pandemic has added a layer of anxiety as students graduate into an unstable workforce with fewer career opportunities. While some industries have not been fully impacted, others such as hospitality, food and beverage, and retail, face major hurdles moving forward which could derail many graduates’ future paths. In a recent Indeed survey of over 1000 graduating students, 54% said COVID-19’s impact on the job market has made them feel less confident in finding work after they graduate, while 33% said they will struggle to land a job in the industry in which they earned a degree in. Last week, USU university leaders in career and workforce readiness, academic departments and other units gathered to listen, learn, and share strategies for supporting the graduating class of 2020 as they enter into an uncertain future.

Below, we highlight resources aligned with this critical topic:


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