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Supporting Successful College Admissions and Transitions Amidst COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, university leaders have had to move to remote learning, and navigate uncertainty around how and when they may be able to repopulate the campus and restart face-to-face learning. This change has left university leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators on the brink of transformation.

As thousands of colleges and universities have gone fully remote, important dates and deadlines loom over incoming first-year students transitioning from high school, transferring from 2-year institutions or returning to college.  Incoming students are provided with important guidance to assist with their decisions selecting a college or university during on-campus tours and other in-person activities.  However, Covid-19 has stopped these engaging activities for incoming first-year students and their families.

Below are resources for universities trying to navigate these transitions in these uncertain times.

Header Image iStock Credit:  Prostock-Studio


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